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Schema-One DTX 106 01 gold and crystal grey

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Schema-One proposes a confident new vocabulary for design rooted in strength and restraint, made possible with advances in engineering. The innovative screw-less frame construction engineered with a pin-based fastening system. The quest for mechanical sophistication and durability inspired designers to apply the precepts of systems engineering to Dita’s existing design process. The outcome: Schema-One, a relentlessly minimal optical frame guided by the notion that simplicity is the ultimate expression of elegance. Each component is precision engineered to eliminate the use of screws, reducing mechanical friction and ensuring that no specialized tools are required in the assembly process. The distinctive top bar (a visual signature that recurs throughout the collection) is forged from a single piece of titanium and acts as a chassis of sorts to anchor the frame’s lightweight acetate lens rim. Ultra-thin and lightweight profile. Custom titanium bridge piece and nose pads. High-tensile monofilament holds lens in place. Brow bar utilizes integrated hinge detail at temple connection point. Titanium temples and linear pressed detail. Made in Japan.
  • Materiale montatura titanio
  • Colore montatura white gold and crystal grey
  • Forma montaturarettangolare
  • Tipo montatura full rim
  • Stile montaturaminimalista
  • Materiale lentilenti demo
  • Colore lenti demo lens
53 mm
18 mm
145 mm
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